Alisha's Breaking Free Story

I always remember feeling very uncomfortable with my body. From a young age I was constantly concerned with covering up, and whether what I was wearing was “flattering” (a word that, as an adult, I can’t stand). My insecurities with my body got to a point, in university where it began to interfere with my social life. I dieted. I worked out (probably not in the right ways), in desperation to just be something that I’m naturally not: thin. 

At the age of twenty-three, I’m still learning to accept the body that I was given and all the good things that it does for me. This is a body that deserves to be shown (with pride) loved and appreciated, just as I give love and appreciation to other people in my life. I am not perfect. No one is at any stage of life, or growth, but I’m realizing that I am in flux and that is a beautiful thing. 

This year, Courtney (the founder of Xel Swimwear, and a very, very old friend of mine—so much love to you!) reached out to me with the opportunity for modelling some new swimwear. At first, I was terrified, as images of the word “bikini body” began to fill my head. That was when I decided that this was something I needed to do not just for my mental well-being, but to honour my body. Xel Swimwear is a brand that invests in women’s empowerment and self-love through their swimwear. I encourage you to take a step in the right direction and break free from your shell with me!  

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