Amanda's Breaking Free Story

I have been working on breaking out of my shell for what feels like forever.

I decided to use my platform to post things that can help others see a body type similar to their own. This was almost a kind of exposure therapy. Because even though I’m posting photos and videos outside my usual comfort zone… I did because so many women have messaged me thanking me for posting the things I do.

"Living in a body that is not considered society’s standard of beauty isn’t easy and the journey to self-love is a long one."

It helped them feel less alone and more accepted. So, I began my journey to influencing others to appreciate the body that takes them through life and allowing them to know, like really know, they are worthy of swimwear, they’re worthy of whatever they decide to wear; regardless of size, or shape. 

It’s not always easy, and we all have bad body image days. I wouldn’t consider myself fully broken out of my shell, but so much of it that was restricting me has broken away, and I’m continually working towards being my best free self.