Cieara's Breaking Free Story

I took a leap of faith when I bought my Xel Swimwear suit since I’d previously never felt comfortable wearing a bright red piece of swimwear, or showing off my butt in a thong bottom. I always felt that deep coloured suits would draw too much attention to “all the wrong places” on my body, or that showing too much of my butt would let people see all my stretch marks and cellulite.

When I put on the Naomi set in Scarlet and got photos taken as arranged by Courtney and her photographer, I was in awe of how beautiful I felt in my own skin despite showing so much of it. I truly felt; at that moment, that I broke free from years of insecurity that had been holding me back and really came out of my shell.

After struggling with my body image so much this past year, especially after gaining weight and seeing more “imperfections” on myself, it was the first time in a really really long time I felt comfortable and confident with who I was.

I am so in love with my suit, this brand, and the emphasis Courtney has put on women loving themselves and feeling proud & beautiful in their own skin. This is the first swimwear line I have come across that promotes inclusivity and being body-normative, and I’m so thankful to have discovered Xel!"