Julia’s Breaking Free Story

Tell us about yourself and how you came across Xel Swimwear?

I am @lovejuliadawn , a body positive micro-influencer in BC, Canada! A few years ago I discovered body-positive creators on TikTok and Instagram and my whole world changed. I finally stopped fighting to be in a body that wasn't meant for me and decided to allow myself the grace of finally just existing as I am. I dared to go beyond accepting my body and even started to love myself.

"Small steps turned into leaps, and I began posting my own body-positive content to encourage those around me to love themselves!"

I discovered Xel when I saw my friend (@awaywithhan) wearing the Marilyn one piece and I immediately ran to Xel's instagram page. It looked so buttery soft and soooo comfortable!

Our brand is all about embracing who you are and loving the skin you’re in. What are you currently doing or still learning to do that brings this notion alive for you?

One of my favourite tips to help people love the skin they are in is this—exposure therapy with your body. Let me explain.... when I feel really insecure the last thing I want is to see my naked body in the mirror. This practice can be scary, hard and even emotional at first. But slowly you will be able to redirect negative self talk into affirmations.

You can view your insecurities through a different lens. You can learn to love the parts of yourself that you want to hide. You can grow a beautiful appreciation for your body. 

But how? Hang out in a bikini or underwear by yourself. This all starts by getting comfortable with seeing your body! I can't even begin to explain how embodied, empowered, and beautiful I feel now when I hang out in my underwear/bikini. I love appreciating how my ever-changing body looks in every season.

What inspires you to break free from your shell?

Surrounding myself with good, heart-happy people inspires me to break out of my shell and express my true self! This isn't exclusively in person— online communities are great too.

"You are who you surround yourself with, as cheesy and cliché as that is, it's true."

Can you tell us the top two products that should be a staple in anyone’s swimwear wardrobe and why?

I am not putting it lightly when I say I'm truly obsessed with the Miami Collection. The seafoam colour set is incredible! I love how versatile the top is and how gorgeous the crinkly fabric is. I also love the taffy Piper set! My favourite swimsuits are definitely those that are adjustable and/or stretchy enough to accommodate weight fluctuations. Because let's be honest here, I don't want to buy a swimsuit before a vacation and not fit it by the time I get home!

What's one piece of advice that you want to share?

Unfollow every account that leads you to negative thoughts. Social media is something that you can curate to be creative, inspiring, and thought provoking! Don't get trapped in comparing yourself with unrealistic images 🤍