Natasha's Breaking Free Story

Growing up I was always incredibly insecure. I remember when I was young and noticing how much smaller all the girls in my class seemed to be compared to me. I felt so out of place, and throughout high school those feelings didn't much change. I felt gross, unlovable, and so different from everyone else. Looking back I know everyone feels that way in high school, but you just feel so alone while going through it. 

"I eventually came to the realization that there was nothing wrong with my body - just my mindset and the way I've been taught to feel about it."

I was in a really toxic friendship, and it felt impossible to grow and change my mindset while being shackled on to someone who was so committed to feeling negative all the time.

She needed to comment on anything I did with my body - working out, eating, etc. Once we parted ways, I felt so much freedom to be who I was. I didn't have to bend to her ideals of beauty (which was the same as society's) and I didn't have to teach self-love to both of us. I began living for me and began following more body positivity accounts and continuing my self-love journey. 

I am so thankful to have found a company like Xel Swimwear who sees the beauty there is in every woman and actively encourages self-love. It is so important to break free from your shell and whatever is holding you back! Self-love and acceptance is tough to earn but so incredibly worth it! 

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