Samantha's Breaking Free Story

“Ever since I first heard of the launching of Xel Swimwear I was immediately obsessed. I have never personally been the one to flaunt around in a swimsuit, but ever since purchasing my Xel swimwear all I want to do is show it off. Growing up, I never hated my body but I also wasn’t always happy with the way I looked.
I still remember the first time I wore a bikini to the beach, it felt weird to show so much skin but I never truly had the confidence to wear one. I’ve always had a set image in my head on what makes someone attractive, beautiful or even perfect. I always questioned if I was skinny enough, pretty enough, or even beautiful.
It wasn’t until a few years ago I started to realize how important it is to love yourself and embrace who you are. I’m so happy I came across Xel swimwear and purchased their swimsuit set. The confidence I immediately felt from it is unexplainable.
I personally feel that I have broke free from my shell and started to accept the fact that I need to appreciate every part of myself, even my flaws. Just like a shell, we all have imperfections or things we’d like to change but with Xel Swimwear you can embrace the fact that our minor flaws and imperfections make us who we are. I personally love the brand and everything they stand for.”