Our Story

We had a simple idea and made it real! Every woman should be able to rock gorgeous swimwear, no matter what type of body they have. After all, we should be embracing our qualities, because that’s what makes us unique!


Our name is not a coincidence. Just like shells, we are all unique and that’s why we encourage women to “break free from their [XEL]”, so we are not afraid to show our true beauty. We represent a choice, we represent power and we represent freedom. Everybody is different, so why shouldn’t we? That’s why our sets are unique, because they’re designed to complement YOU!

Meet the founder

I’m Courtney. I’m a Canadian designer and founder of Xel Swimwear.

I’ve always had a creative side, so my passion for design was natural and that’s how I decided to break the mold. In 2019, I founded Xel Swimwear to offer something original and beautiful, just like we all are.

I wanted to inspire women to embrace our imperfections and build a community based on strength and confidence. We don’t need to follow any beauty standards, but set OUR OWN. As long as we’re happy with ourselves, that’s enough to make a change and break free from our XEL!

Making a Difference

We’re proud to use 100% recycled Ivory poly mailers made by EcoEnclose for our packaging. Even the Ivory is made of recycled material, and the dual adhesive strips allow reusability.

Of course, if you ever need to return one of our packages, it would be best to reuse the mailers, so if you want to know more about EcoEnclose and how to properly dispose of the eco-friendly packages, you can visit their Guide to Sustainable Packaging. ♻️  

We’re always looking to change for the better, so if you have any feedback about our packaging, don’t forget to let us know!